About Mexican Forge

Mexican Forge is a family business with 35 years of success in selling great products to satisfied wholesale-customers in the United States. Our founder, Humberto Frias, created the company in order to get the beautiful ironwork produced by Mexican artisans into the hands of those that love and appreciate it.

The forging craft is passed from generation to generation, and these craftsmen form part of Mexico’s cultural heritage—drawing on the rich traditions of both Spanish and indigenous peoples. We feel honored to showcase the talents of Mexican artisans (and hope to help prevent the iron-forging craft from disappearing) by presenting our products to customers that appreciate these hand-crafted, high-quality pieces which age beautifully and are made to last. This marvelous work deserves to be enjoyed in homes beyond the borders of Mexico.

Mexican Forge carries a full line of rustic forged-iron from exterior locks to interior decoration. We also offer some cast bronze pieces and carved-stone washbasins.

Choose from our many designs or work with us to design something of your own.

We hope everyone will appreciate the Mexican artistry that emerges from an artisanal forge imbued with a craftsman’s wisdom and a love for his craft.

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